March 12, 2024

Filling a Construction Client’s Critical Skills Gap & Supporting a Temp-to-Hire Transition

It’s not often we get to see a general laborer in a temp role exceed expectations so completely that a client hires them on permanently. That’s what happened recently when we leveraged our growing network of skilled trades workers to find the best-fit candidate for a client.  

The Client 

A leading construction company in Texas. 

The Challenge 

As our client approached a critical point in an active construction project, the need for a general laborer with a flexible skillset became clear. Time was of the essence—and the client wanted a dependable construction staffing firm that could provide prompt placement and real-time solutions for any issues. 

The client turned to Skinner, the staffing firm that has offered the most consistent support to their company over the past decade. 

The Solution 

The Skinner team collaborated with our client to establish a budget and a four-week timeline to get the general laborer under contract, enrolled in a contractor-controlled insurance program (CCIP), and onsite. We provided constant communication throughout the search, providing frequent updates and quick responses. 

Leveraging our expansive network of skilled workers, we quickly found a candidate who not only fit the project needs, but also displayed a level of eagerness and responsibility that aligned with the client's culture and long-term needs. 

The Result 

While our client was initially seeking a temp worker for a few months, they quickly realized the candidate was an excellent culture fit who was hungry to learn and possessed keen attention to detail. Impressed by the placement, the client reached back out to Skinner with interest in hiring the employee permanently. 

Skinner worked hand-in-hand with the client to ensure they could hire the candidate as soon as the new hire probationary period was over. We provided clear milestones that the client needed to achieve to ensure a seamless hiring process. 

Through our efforts, we strengthened our relationship with the client and supported their long-term business goals with a placement that exceeded expectations. We look forward to providing prompt staffing support through another decade of partnership. 

Find a High-Quality Match for Your Construction Team 

Whether you’re seeking temporary labor or a potential permanent placement, Skinner can match you with highly motivated skilled trades workers who fit your culture and business needs. We leverage our proven recruitment processes—backed by over 80 years of construction staffing experience—to grow and engage our database of over 10,000 qualified, work-ready laborers, ensuring ideal placements for diverse projects. 

Skinner further streamlines your hiring process by providing up-to-date safety training, payroll services, and transparency in every step. Reach out to Skinner to learn more about how we can support your construction staffing needs.