February 19, 2024

From Temp to Perm: How General Laborer Luis Found a Permanent Career Opportunity

With over 80 years of experience in the construction staffing industry, Skinner has connected thousands of workers to opportunities that align with their career goals. This case study tells the story of how we helped a general laborer named Luis find a temp position that later turned into a permanent career opportunity. 

The Candidate 

Luis: A general laborer in Texas seeking growth opportunities. 

The Challenge 

Recent unemployment | Language barriers | No response from applications 

The experienced laborer, aiming to gain specialized experience, was seeking a job that allowed him to advance his skillset. However, Luis was unemployed for a period of time before his job search. He also faced language barriers since Spanish was his primary language. 

After sending applications to over 10 staffing companies, he only heard back from Skinner, a skilled laborer staffing agency in Texas that recognized his value and was ready to offer him support. 

The Solution 

Transparency | Support | Connections 

The Skinner team was direct and transparent with Luis after receiving his application. While we didn’t have immediate openings that matched his skillset, we were confident we could find him the right construction job placement. 

Our team kept in contact with Luis throughout the search, ensuring we were available to answer questions and resolve any issues he faced. Leveraging our long-established relationship with a Texas-based construction company, we quickly found the right opportunity for him as a general laborer. 

The Result 

A best-fit temp role | A permanent job offer | Investment in long-term skills 

We efficiently placed Luis in a temporary general laborer position that enabled him to gain more hands-on experience in his field. The placement was a natural fit. He was satisfied with the employer, and our client was impressed enough with Luis to soon hire him permanently, offer better pay, and provide the growth opportunities he was hoping for. 

Skinner also invested in his future success. Luis is now in the process of gaining certifications for operating scissor lifts, SkyTrak lifts, and more. Additionally, he will be starting English classes soon to improve his communication skills. He is grateful to Skinner for offering clarity, patience, and consistency throughout his job search and has already referred a friend. 

Find Your Ideal Position 

Whether you’re a general laborer or highly experienced in a skilled trade, Skinner has opportunities for you.  

We work with you to understand your background and career goals, actively supporting your search for the best-fit role.  

Start your application or reach out to Skinner to learn more about our current openings.